The world is in chaos.

George Miyauchi
The world is in chaos.
Throughout my 15-year career, I have invested in a wide variety of businesses. During that time, I have witnessed numerous successes and failures, opacity, inequities, bankruptcies, and market manipulation. Some of these ended smoothly, while others left us with significant financial and human losses. It is especially sad and tragic that families are the last to suffer the longest and suffer the most losses.
For example, rumor mongering and window dressing are common examples of violations of the Securities and Exchange Law. A specific example of spreading rumors is when a company owner states in disclosure materials that a third-party valuation was conducted in the process of assessing the corporate value of a company to be acquired. However, this is not the same as the content of the disclosure, as the fact is that the audit firm and the company in question determined the amount through discussions, and the final decision was not made solely by the audit firm. In addition, window dressing refers to posting goods that have not yet been delivered as sales or including profits from funds, including the company's own shares, in the income statement as capital transactions. These are not appropriate methods. However, some may wonder why these actions can lead to arrest.
I foresee that all business will be Internet-centric. We have been digitizing analog businesses so that all mankind can enjoy the wonders of the Internet.
I foresee that all business will be Internet-centric. We have been digitizing analog businesses so that all mankind can enjoy the wonders of the Internet. In the course of this activity, we have encountered a great deal of friction with existing large analog businesses, and at times we have had to use forceful means to push them over the edge. However, we were able to use forceful means because the digitization of the world has also been a convenient aspect for those involved in analog businesses, and they have benefited from that convenience. In other words, the digitization of business makes everyone richer.
However, analog companies had great political power. Power is the number of votes. Politicians are vulnerable to votes. Analog companies were afraid that their comfortable environment would be destroyed by us newcomers.
Since then, all businesses have been deprived of their freedom. This corrupt organization is a mass of bad power. When fools are at the top, we must live in a society of fools.
But now we and other business owners have the freedom we enjoy. The day when decentralization will change the world is almost here.
It is pointless to spend one's life under this corrupt, centralized power, these fools.
I promote my business for the sake of freedom and for those who are deprived of it and even forced to live in inconvenient conditions.

The Fateful Birth of SUZUVERSE

The word "SUZU" was inspired by the famous movie "The Dragon and the Freckled Princess." The main character, Suzu, is a 17-year-old high school girl with a great love and talent for music. After the death of her mother, she was unable to sing. However, everything changed when she joined a fantastic virtual world called "U".
In "U," she creates her own alter ego, escapes from reality, and is able to sing naturally. She becomes a singer loved around the world. This film was a great inspiration to me about the wonderful and fantastic world where we can be someone else, someone we dream about and are passionate about. That is where true freedom exists and lasts forever.

We live with freedom!

George Miyauchi
President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision and Strategy