[DAO] SOT Distribution Voting Results

Hello DAO Members!


Yesterday, we asked the SUZUVERSE DAO for a resolution to change the SOT distribution method.


Since it was passed, the following will apply regarding the distribution of SOTs after September 2023.

long vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)

The following changes will be made to the publication and distribution of SOT5 and thereafter.

  • Terminate the conditions used in the previous SOT (1-4).
  • From SOT5 onward, SOTs will be issued and distributed under the following new conditions, together with the SOTs already distributed (SOT(ERC20) (to be changed to fixed price SGT), SOTd (to be changed to SOT) and SOTα (to be changed to SGT)) until a total of 100 million SOTs are completed.


[new SOT grant conditions after September 1, 2023].


  1. The calculation period shall be monthly, and distributions shall be made monthly by the end of the month following the month of calculation.
  2. The conversion price shall be the closing SGT price (UTC, Coinmarketcap basis) on the last day of the month for which the calculation is made.
  3. The conversion start date shall be two years after the distribution date and shall be exercisable for two years thereafter.
  4. Subject to distribution
  • All purchasers of SUZUVERSE products will receive a SOT worth 100% of the purchase price.
  • For Affiliate, from a sales and marketing perspective, the increased percentage will be entrusted to Suzuverse Pte. Ltd. up to an amount equivalent to 300% of Affiliate's fee.
  • Development and Operations Teams SOT equivalent to 100% of each fee will be awarded.
  1. In addition, changes that can be reasonably determined to be relatively unimportant, such as the form of delivery (SOT, SOTd, or SOTα), the amount of delivery, or the conditions under which the delivery is to be made, shall be left to the discretion of Suzuverse Pte.

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Important parts have been Bolded.

Well, thank you for your continued support!